Double Layered Face Mask with Insert Space for Filter- USA MADE!

$ 14.25


Get one because you need it or maybe just to have on hand in case you need to make a public appearance (but before you’ve had time to wax your upper lip) and/or to help Mr. “You Should Really Smile More” finally mind his own damn business.

For every mask sold, Lady Brigade is donating a second mask to a veteran in need. 

As you might already know, many locations have started to mandate the use of masks before allowing entrance into their establishments like grocery stores, pharmacies and other businesses as recently recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We are offering these masks for sale, to help individuals comply with CDC’s recommendations to wear a face mask while in public. 

Why should I wear a mask?

  1. You could help limit the spread of disease. Since many persons infected with Covid-19 appear asymptomatic and can still unknowingly spread the disease to other people while in close proximity, the CDC has recommended the use of masks for all individuals  while interacting with others in public. The CDC believes that wearing these masks may help slow the rate of transmission by providing an additional barrier between an infected person speaking, coughing and or sneezing and another individual.
  2. If  local officials and/or retail locations in your area have made it mandatory for use while in established locations or while in public spaces.
  3. To make employees and make other people in public feel more secure by wearing a mask, following the CDC's recommendations that this could help slow down or limit the rate of disease transmission.
  4. To be prepared in case it becomes mandatory to wear a mask in your area.

Product Specifications:

Multilayered mask made with a 100% cotton inner lining, and a soft poly cotton blend on the outer printed fabric. The dual layers are stitched with an opening on each end to easily insert and remove any filters if desired (not included with purchase).

No elastic or irritating fabrics around your ears!

Made in the USA.

Use & Care Recommendations:

Machine washable, lay flat to dry.

Wash before and after prolonged use.


  1. Not medical grade.
  2. For personal use only.
  3. Due to sanitary nature of these items, all sales are final and can not be returned.
  4. This face mask is not intended to prevent any disease or illness by the user, Lady Brigade and our partners do not claim or guarantees the effectiveness for use or prevention of any illness, including but not limited to COVID-19.
  5. Not recommended for young children or persons who have trouble breathing or who cannot easily remove coverings without assistance.

*For further guidance and information please visit the CDC here:

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