Marine Shirts, Where Are They?

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Have you been searching our site looking for specific shirts for Marine Veterans? Well, truth is, we're working on it. The Marine Corps requires that all Marine Corp merchandise that is sold anywhere in the world to be licensed through them, even using the word Marines on a shirt, requires prior approval and a licensing agreement (They are tough!) Although the paperwork is just one step, there are also big fees and compliance issues to take care of as well, something that is complicated for a new business to address straight out of the door. As a small business we are proceeding slowly and carefully to make this happen, however we are working on it!

When Lady Brigade first started we created a variety of generic designs that would fit for any lady in any branch, like "This is What a Veteran Looks Like®" and "Any Girl Can Wear Heals®" but understand there is still a need to get some Marine shirts too! Beginning 2016, we will continue to address the need for Marine apparel and continue to work on getting it taken care of. We appreciate your patience and your understanding and we strive to make all our customers happy!

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