Indoor - Outdoor Fireplace

$ 95.00

Long before there was TV, there was fire! The original display of light put on by Nature herself, people have been building fireplaces both indoors and outdoors to enjoy the warmth of the mesmerizing flame.  Some homes even have an electric fireplace just for the ambience of the flickering fire.  This simple little firepot has been perfected over the years to be the ideal replacement for an actual indoor fireplace or candles, without the drawbacks of those items.  It provides a light, cozy warmth without being too hot for indoor use. Works great outdoors, too! Includes a quartz-like base that will protect the surface underneath from heat. 

What we love about it:

  • Clean burning: While many similar items use less safe and difficult to find proprietary fluids and gels, this handy little firepot uses only isopropyl rubbing alcohol (70-91%) that you can find on a shelf almost anywhere.  Isopropyl alcohol only releases CO2 and H20 (water) when burned in an area with a fresh supply of oxygen. Crack a window and enjoy indoors - no carbon monoxide or soot like fireplaces or most store-bought candles.  
  • Food safe: being clean burning, it is also perfect for making smores and can be used to cook hot dogs and the like.
  • Portable - It weighs just shy of 6 pounds and can be taken outside, camping or to dinner parties.
  • USA-made by a husband and wife team in Cleveland, TN.
  • No assembly, no mess, no wood or ash to clean up after use. 
  • Well made: No ordinary concrete, it is hand-made with a proprietary blend  of non-absorbent, high-temperature concrete the creator has perfected that won't dry out and crumble after burning hot for long periods.
  • Giftable:  Moms and Dads, apartment-dwellers, entertainers and everyone else will appreciate this gift. The perfect pair-up to enjoy with your morning coffee,  romantic dinner, or get-together with friends.

Please follow all safety precautions listed on the included pamphlet.  Neither Lady Brigade nor the manufacturer assume liability for injuries or damages caused by the use or misuse of this product. Please contact us if you lose your copy of the pamphlet.

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