Happy B-Day F--k'r Greeting Card

$ 5.50

Sometimes you can say a lot while saying very little.

Tell me you didn't just read this card and think of someone who either wrote these words to you inside a card or you yourself penned this exact phrase growing up between friends or siblings?  I'm pretty sure I told my brother Brian these same heartfelt words on several anniversaries of his birth as he was the only boy and the youngest of  F I V E children. Yes he was spoiled and yes, I am pretty sure I resented the turd for stealing my place in line as the youngest sibling for my entire childhood. Seriously, our parents gave that f*cker a a GO-CART for his 13th birthday, a flipping gas powered vehicle! While I, the awkward 16 year-old, bus-riding, second-hand wearing child never got the guitar she had asked for every year since basically FOREVER. But all of that is behind me now of course. Now that we're all grown up and living nearly a continent apart, my brother and I are actually closer than we've ever been. Now, as an adult, I get to express my gratitude (and whatever resentment I have left) for him like any sister would, by sending him a meaningful greeting card on his birthday! Obviously.

Our Happy B-Day F**ckr is the perfect card to tell that special someone just how much you love (and possibly resent them still) at the same time.

If you know someone who deserves this card, buy it now, as there are limited quantities, and some f*cker might beat you to it and you will have to resort to doing it the old fashioned way, by texting them “Happy B-Day F*cker.” and that’s just not the same.

The card comes blank, so if you’re sending this directly to your recipient type your personal message in the notes section during checkout and we will write it out for you in what has been generally accepted as good handwriting, or whatever type of penmanship or crayon color best says it came from you.

This greeting card was made with quality acid-free paper in the United States by one of our many badass women owned businesses. It measures 4.5" (w) x 6.25" (h) and comes with a kraft envelope.

If this card is sold out because you decided to think about yourself for once (and not by writing your a-hole friends and family the cards they probably deserved), then you can make it up to your self-inflicted guilt AND them by finding more, but probably not as good as, cards like this one by going here instead,  

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Written by Nadine Noky. 

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