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What Would You Want the Public to Know About Veterans? November 07 2015

This November, Nadine Noky, the founder of Lady Brigade, will be speaking publicly about her military experience and what it means for her to be a veteran. However, she knows that she is only one person within a vast community of brave women and men, all of whom have varying degrees of experiences and thoughts that are equally, if not more, important than her own. Her goal during this November and moving forward is to share the voices of other veterans and to give every veteran an opportunity to be heard.

If there is one thing you could share about being a veteran, what would it be?

Email your response to: along with your name, branch of service, and years of service (feel free to submit a photo too!)-- (Example: Jane Smith, US Army 2002-2007). Ms. Noky will work to make all your comments heard this November.  


*** Please note, by submitting an email response, you are agreeing to share your comments publicly and Lady Brigade may use your email submission for future blogs, articles, and publications that relate to sharing veteran experiences.



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8 Things Only VA Patients Would Understand November 19 2014 17 Comments

Here are a few highlights of what it's like to use the VA as a veteran from my perspective. Please note that this blog post relates to my personal accounts, other veterans may or may not have had similar experiences with their VA facility. This blog posting is for entertainment purposes only. 

1. Calling the VA to make or reschedule an appointment...

When will someone answer the !@#$%^ phone!?!? Enough said. 


2. Waiting 3 months for an appointment...

You got through, someone answered your call! Congrats! What-- you have a rash? Your arm is chopped off? You’re dying? Well please get in line! As you know by now, the VA has come under recent scrutiny for long wait times for appointments and I'd say it's a valid complaint.


3. Getting asked the same questions every single time you go to an appointment...

No, my contact information has not changed. No, my insurance has not changed. No, my emergency contact has not changed. No...


4. Being a guinea pig for interns...

Congrats! You’ve managed to wait patiently for your appointment only to be greeted by a new intern!  With her fresh textbook knowledge and an optimistic attitude, she is sure to know how to fix the ailment that you’ve waited so long to have checked out. Don’t worry though, her attending physician will sign off on the prescriptions without even examining you. You want a follow-up appointment (just in case her suggestions don’t pan out)? Naw, we don’t do those here, go back to the end of the line!


5. Travel Pay!

Ok this is a perk. As a civilian, I may have to drive an hour to see a specialist on top of my VA appointment, but as far as I know, I will not be reimbursed for my travel expenses. One surprising and often overlooked perk of the VA is being reimbursed for gas/mileage when I have to make an appointment, even is it's just a few miles away! It’s something I'm thankful for - seriously.


6. Ibuprofen cures everything...

There is nothing more near and dear to my Primary Care Physician's heart than a handy prescription of 500 milligrams of Ibuprofen. "Runny nose? Backaches? Dizzy spells? Take two pills every 8 hours for the next two weeks and if it doesn’t go away and you’re not dead yet, please come back so we can up your dose."


7. Leaving the pharmacy like you just robbed the place...

“Would you like a grocery bag Ma’am?” A question that I was seriously asked before leaving the VA pharmacy. If ibuprofen didn’t "cure it," be prepared--you are about to get 12 new prescriptions to fix whatever it is you have. The first time this happened to me, it was a little embarrassing, but I quickly realized everyone walks away from the VA pharmacy with a grocery bag.


8. Being the only woman in the waiting room...

Yes, please stare at me like I'm performing in a circus sideshow. Yes, please ask me if I work here. Yes, please ask me if I served in the military, even though I am wearing my shirt that says "VETERAN."  

 ...I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be a part II to this post...

Also if you are a lady veteran, don't forget to shop the store! 

-Nadine Noky, Army Veteran

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