What would you want the public to know about veterans? November 07 2015

This November, Nadine Noky, the founder of Lady Brigade will be speaking publicly on her military experience and what it means for her to be a veteran; However, she knows she is only one person within a vast community of brave men and women, all of whom have varying degrees of experiences and thoughts that are equally, if not more important than here own. Her goal during this November and moving forward, is to share the voices of other veterans, to give every veteran an opportunity to be heard.

If there is one thing you could share about being a veteran, what would it be?

Email your response to: info@ladybrigade.com along with your name, branch of service, years of service (feel free to submit a photo too!) (Example: Jane Smith, US Army 2002-2007) and Ms. Noky will work to make all your comments heard this November.  

**** Please note, by submitting an email response, you are agreeing to share your comments publicly and Lady Brigade may use your email submission for future blogs, articles and publications that relate to sharing veteran experiences.