Founder of Lady Brigade Shares an Honest Update March 24 2016 12 Comments

You may have noticed that things don’t seem to be as fresh around here as they once were and boy is that true! Lady Brigade's founder, Nadine Noky, wants to be open and honest with you about what’s been happening, what’s coming up, and what she's learned along the way!

I do all my own stunts

Lady Brigade is a One-Woman Operation (for now).

First, let me start by giving you some background. When I launched Lady Brigade I had quit my “Day Job” to design, build, and create Lady Brigade from scratch. I focused on everything from designing shirts, building a website, and all the legal (no fun) stuff on my own. I used some of my savings to assist in purchasing merchandise and to sustain me for the 6 full months it took to build the business. And it all worked out.

After the launch I had a site, I had designs, and I had inventory. But Lady Brigade wasn’t known by many, and it was like that old question, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it really make a sound?” I had built this brand, I had done what I had set out to do, and I had created designs that I knew many women like myself wanted to wear. However no one could see or hear Lady Brigade’s message, it was like Lady Brigade didn’t even exist!

I knew at that point, that it would take time to build awareness and I made the decision to go back to work while I focused on growing that awareness. I figured it would take around a year to really build some traction, but I was wrong. I had no idea and no way of knowing then, that Lady Brigade would be featured on Buzzfeed, thus catapulting Lady Brigade to a whole new level, just 2 months after I had accepted a new, second job. By that time, I was knee-deep in a heavy UX design project and couldn’t quit what I was doing (and I loved doing that, too). I had to tough it out. So that began 10 months of little to no sleep at night-- as days were spent at work, evenings with my son, and nights filling orders with Lady Brigade, with weekends printing shirts and running out of space to hold all the products! Thankfully a handful of friends and family members were able to assist during the busiest times!

Nadine Laid Up in Pain

Stress triggers and emphasizes physical pain.

So what happens when you burn the candle at both ends? You burn out. I burned out, both physically and mentally. 

Old back/neck issues from my military service flared up so badly, I couldn't walk, stand, or even drive a car for days at a time (the photo above was taken after days of lying in bed). I spent countless hours in bed and countless dollars with doctors, chiropractors, and acupuncturists--desperate for a solution to fix this problem so that I could get back to work! But the pain lasted longer than I was willing to accept and for a period of time, I felt HOPELESS. Will this pain ever stop? How will I catch up with all the work I’m missing? What will people think if I don’t perform? How did this happen? The truth is, I have always had goals, crystal clear goals, like starting Lady Brigade. However with the limited time I had within the last year. I hadn’t focused on a vision for the future or set any goals to achieve that vision, like, when would I quit my day job and fully commit to Lady Brigade once again? I was taking on more work and more projects, working too much, and not taking care of myself. Had I had a clearly defined vision for my health, for my family, and for Lady Brigade, I would have been able to avoid many of the mistakes and much of the stress that eventually contributed to my physical pain. 

target image

We need a vision for the future and goals to get us there. 

Although the physical pain was (and slightly still is) bad, it was a much-needed blessing in disguise. It finally forced me to refocus on what I wanted for the future and what my goals should be. I had to decide what my vision for Lady Brigade was once again. And what Lady Brigade meant to me and even what it meant to you -- those who support Lady Brigade. Lady Brigade is my passion and I love being able to serve you all with what I do. I love thinking of new designs and I enjoy reading the awesome emails and comments I receive (thank you!!). Even more, Lady Brigade has served as a catalyst to help mentor and speak with other women and I love being able to give back to charitable causes through Lady Brigade. These are the things I enjoy, and part of the vision I want to maintain for Lady Brigade going forward. I knew If I didn’t remove the things that weren’t as important to me that I would continue to overextend myself and eventually lose my health and Lady Brigade- and that was not an option.

So with my vision crystallized, new goals have been set and decisions have been made!

I have decided to focus on Lady Brigade full time! No more “day job!” I am fully committed to making Lady Brigade succeed without a day job. My energy is where it needs to be-- with what and who I care about most. The next few weeks will be crazy, but worth it, with more awesome designs and products coming out (FINALLY), and me continuing my efforts to find an official operating space for Lady Brigade.* 

I know this was a long-winded post just to share why things haven’t updated or to let you know that I quit my day job, but I thought this was important. I wanted to be honest with you, I wanted to share the true story of a small business, and to possibly motivate you to make decisions with something you've been struggling with in your personal or professional life that could be weighing you down, too.

Do you think envisioning your future and setting goals has or could help you move forward with a situation you’re dealing with? Feel free to share your comments below!


-Nadine Noky, Army Veteran & Founder of Lady Brigade

* Lady Brigade is so happy to announce that we have finally achieved this goal--and that Lady Brigade's official retail store and headquarters will be opening in sunny Sarasota, FL, Summer 2020!!!


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