The World War II Documentary about PTSD that you never saw. June 04 2017

“Let There Be Light” (also known by at PMF 5019 by the U.S. Army) is a documentary film directed by John Huston, an American filmmaker who served in World War II.

It was banned for more than 30 Years by the U.S Army and not released until the 1980’s.

Let there be light ptsd wwII movie image

The film was banned because it was deemed to be demoralizing to future recruits. (However, the military said it was actually to protect the privacy of those featured in the film.) In 1981 the ban was lifted and released for public screenings, but the quality of the film had deteriorated and the audio was so distorted, that it was nearly impossible to understand any of the film. Luckily, in 2010 it was selected by the Library of Congress to be preserved and restored and re-released in May 2012.

This film is a powerful reminder that the battle is not over after the war ends and the soldiers, in any era, in any conflict, are those who carry lifelong the scars with them.