It's Not the Next President Who's Going to Make Or Break This Country - It’s Us. September 27 2016



Like many of you, I watched the debates last night –

And at the end, I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness and disappointed

Did you feel the same way? Maybe you had some different feelings.

Not only is our county divided right now, but I think we’re kind of in a depression- and it’s not an economical one.

And it’s not because of these two candidates –

Or that we’re lacking leadership in D.C - No, it’s about us.

And on what we’re lacking leadership in.

And that’s in our cities, our schools, in our neighborhoods, on our streets,

And in EVEN our homes.

15 Years ago our country came together by the tragedy of 9/11. For once we were united, able to help and heal our nation and coming together with our friends our family and our neighbors for our country.

We shouldn't have to wait for  another tragedy or an act of violence  for it to be be the reason we come together

It can happen RIGHT now.

Ask yourself- When is the last time you helped a stranger, called a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while just to see how they’re doing, mentored a colleague, or volunteered at a local organization for a worthy cause?

Or even spent some one on one time with your children?

While we’re judging these candidates, reading and reacting to the comments on Facebook, complaining about things we have no control over

While we are complacently sitting by and watching our communities and our homes fall apart

Our country wasn’t founded on our similarities, but on being able to come together in spite of those differences and to take action when necessary.

And that what makes  our nation great. Thats what makes us stand out from the rest is the world 

At least it has up until now,

Right now- it’s about taking a long hard  look in the mirror and asking yourself

What  are you doing to contribute to or take away from this great country?

I don’t believe that this is what previous generations of Americans had in mind or what our military brothers and sisters sacrificed their lives for

No, I think they believed that this country was great, that it would ALWAYS be  great-

And if we stop believing that - we stop doing our part- and we are letting all previous and future generations of Americans down.

It’s time to make a difference - and it can only start with you and with me - not who is in the White House.

Please take a moment and see how can make difference.

If you found this video valuable - share - and let me know what your doing to make a difference in your community today.

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