How to Create Your Own Shirts Online August 12 2016

How to create your own shirt online

!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!   When designing and creating your work, be sure to google your phrase, saying, or artwork before having it produced to ensure in doesn’t already exist - Reproducing similar work made by other individuals and/or companies (like Lady Brigade) without their written permission is illegal and your could be charged huge fines for violating copyrights. 

Although  Lady Brigade would LOVE to have every shirt you’re looking for we know that won’t always be the case. So Lady Brigade has compiled a list of online resources to help you create your own design if you’re not an artist yourself!

If you need a designer first

If you’re not as artistically inclined, but have a phrase or idea that you’d like someone else to create for you. You can visit affordable sites that have freelance designers that can create something for you.

Hire Freelancer employers for as little as $5 on:

Or Have multiple designers bid on your project at:

If you already have a design

After you get your custom design completed for you and/or if you have some of your own design abilities then check out the following sites where you can create, upload, and even sell your work to others: and (Zazzle even lets you create and print Marine shirts!)

And if you want to get really extreme and creative you can use your design to be printed on demand on hundreds of products by using the on demand print services on - once you upload your designs and choose your products (they even provide free photo templates!) you can publish your designs on the print aura platform or on multiple websites like or

If you have additional questions or comments please share them below and Lady Brigade will work to address them in the comments or by providing a new post soon!

 Best of luck with your own creations!


*Lady Brigade never endorses a product or tool that have not used and loved ourselves, but individual results always vary!
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